Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is set to write her memoir and plans to put all of life stories into the book.
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The 911 call placed when Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith were at each other's throats earlier this year.
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Jenelle Evans appears poised to get custody of her son Jace in this new Teen Mom 2 sneak peek, but it's unclear if that actually happens.
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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is reportedly upset that her son Jace’s absentee father is sneaking in secret visits at his daycare.
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Jenelle Evans loves to party, even when she's very pregnant. But that doesn't mean she's drinking.
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Jenelle Evans has been arrested more times than we can even count. Here's a look at her latest - and her assorted mug shots.
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Jenelle Evans really wants you to look at her fake boobs. Like a lot.
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Jenelle Evans vs. Farrah Abraham: The epic feud continues ...
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Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith get into an epic screaming match. You gotta see the video.
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Will Jenelle Evans go to jail over this fight with Britany Truett? It's certainly a possibility.
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This video purports to show Jenelle Evans snorting Percocet. Is that what you see?
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A clip from the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 finale. Jenelle and Nathan have an intense convo.
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Jenelle Evans starred on 16 and Pregnant and now Teen Mom 2 on MTV. She is the mother of a 16-month-old, Jace, and has a troubled... More »
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