Kanye West has revealed that he's feuding with Jay Z. West says the bad blood is so severe the rappers children have never even met.
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A rapper named Liv has released a diss track targeted at Beyonce. Liv is one of Jay Z's many alleged mistresses.
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Jay Z allegedly hates Kanye West. This friendship has turned into a rivalry, circa the fall of 2016.
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Beyonce and Jay Z may adopt a second child. According to this report, the couple has had some trouble conceiving a sibling for Blue Ivy.
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Jay-Z's new song "Crown" from Magna Carta Holy Grail. Listen for the shot at Scott Boras.
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Was Jemima Kirke kicked out of Jay Z's shoot for "Picasso Baby" because she was "acting totally nuts"?
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Jay-Z has released this song on his blog Life+Times. It's called "Glory" and features Blue Ivy Carter, his newborn daughter!
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Jay Z is feeling the heat amid allegations of two black shoppers being racially profiled after legally purchasing items at Barneys.
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Jay-Z is coming out with a new album this summer. He made the announcement via a Samsung commercial.
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Jay Z and Beyonce have decided to go vegan as part of a physical and spiritual cleanse.
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Will Jay Z stand by Barneys New York in the wake of its recent racism scandal?
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The official video for "Holy Grail" by JAY Z featuring Justin Timberlake.
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