Nike pays tribute to Derek Jeter. The Yankees legend will retire at the end of the 2014 season.
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Jay Z and Beyonce are in Paris at the moment. Jay encountered a French guy who didn't recognize him and responded in hilarious fashion.
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Jay and Bey showed some footage from their wedding in concert recently. The clips will be featured on the couples' new tour.
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So much for a Beyonce and Jay Z split. Look how the two embraced during a recent concert in Philadelphia.
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Beyonce sings about being cheated on. Did she change the lyrics to reflect her situation with Jay Z?
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What happened between Solange Knowles and Jay Z? The Twitterverse has some theories...
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A rapper named Liv has released a diss track targeted at Beyonce. Liv is one of Jay Z's many alleged mistresses.
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Beyonce gave an emotional acceptance speech at the 2014 VMAs. She was presented with the Moon Man by her husband and daughter.
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Jay-Z gives Rihanna some advice and tells her to put a better image of herself out there.
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Kanye West has revealed that he's feuding with Jay Z. West says the bad blood is so severe the rappers children have never even met.
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Beyonce and Jay Z may adopt a second child. According to this report, the couple has had some trouble conceiving a sibling for Blue Ivy.
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Beyonce and Jay Z are not breaking up. In fact, their relationship is perfect, so says Beyonce's mom Tina.
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