Jaden Smith has come out with a new music video. Check it out now and listen to the track "Give It To Em."
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Did Kylie Jenner make out with Jaden Smith at her sister's wedding? The reality star says no.
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The video for Jaden Smith's hip hop track, "Fast." Some have interpreted the song as a diss to Kylie Jenner.
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After a string of interesting social media posts, rumors are circulating that the Jenner sisters and the Smith kids are a part of a religious cult targeting young Hollywood.
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Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith reportedly made out at Kim Kardashian's wedding. No word on whether the longtime friends are officially dating.
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Kendall and Jaden get their swerve on. Just another day of being teenage millionaires.
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Jaden Smith posted the video for his rap song "Blue Ocean" today. The lyrics contain odd references to Kylie Jenner and cocaine.
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Jaden Smith has a new single and music video. As you might expect, they're both pretty weird.
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