Down goes Harry Styles! Again! Watch the One Direction hottie fall right on his rear end in this clip from a recent concert.
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One Direction has come out with its first Zayn Malik-free single. Give "Drag Me Down" a listen now
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Up, up and away! One Direction takes flight in the official music video for its latest single, "Drag Me Down." Watch now!
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Down goes Harry Styles! Watch the One Direction singer take a fall on stage in this hilarious video.
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Harry Styles is said to be leaving One Direction to begin a solo career.
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Is Harry Styles leaving 1 Direction to go in a different direction?
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Harry Styles does not approve of Twerking. Watch this video to learn his take on the dance move.
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Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner sure have been hanging out a lot, but are they "together" together?
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