Will Kendra on Top star Kendra Wilkinson let her husband back into her life after his cheating scandal?
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This report claims Kendra Wilkinson is done with Hank Baskett. Is a divorce in the couple's near future?
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According to this video report, Kendra Wilkinson will not be filing for divorce from Hank Baskett. Why not? Watch and learn.
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This Kendra on Top clip shows Hank's return from New Mexico, while his wife doesn't even know how to react it seems.
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Kendra Wilkinson discusses Hank Baskett and the future of their relationship in a new clip from Kendra on Top: WatchIt.
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Kendra finds out a horrible rumor may be true on the Season 3 premiere of Kendra On Top, which returns Friday, October 3.
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Kendra’s and Hank’s first interview together since the scandal is sure to be explosive. Here's a sneak peek.
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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett find out how well they know one another. This is entertaining stuff.
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Zhora Tillett, Ava London's best friend, tells her side of what happened that infamous night with Hank Baskett.
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Hank reaches out to Kendra's best friend Jessica Hall in this clip from Kendra on Top.
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Ava Sabrina London speaks about Hank Baskett cheating on Kendra Wilkinson with her, or so she claims.
Rating: 3.5 / 5.0
Will Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson survive the former's infidelity? Their marriage is on the rocks.
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Hank Baskett Biography

Kendra and Hank Pic
Hank Baskett is a mediocre wide receiver that was cut by Philadelphia Eagles in September 2009. He hasn't done much to stand out on the... More »
Full Name
Hank Baskett

Hank Baskett Quotes

Kendra has one of the biggest hearts and that's one of the things that really drew me to her.

Hank Baskett

Hef is like a father to her so he's going to be the one to give her away. That's why I wanted his blessings and her mom's blessing.

Hank Baskett