Police video of George Zimmerman being detained following a domestic dispute with his wife in September 2013.
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George Zimmerman says he's very sorry in this interview excerpt. He's addressing the parents of Trayvon Martin.
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Watch the Zimmerman trial on livestream with commentary from a local station in Sanford.
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Shellie Zimmerman, who served as a witness during the highly-publicized trial, filed for divorce from George Zimmerman shortly after pleading guilty to perjury.
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Florida officials say George Zimmerman was arrested after deputies respond to disturbance call at house near Orlando.
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George Zimmerman's estranged wife, Shellie, said she feels like he's changed and she doesn't know who he is since his infamous trial.
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George Zimmerman was back in a Florida court Tuesday, this time on charges related to threatening his girlfriend.
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Samantha Scheibe claimed George Zimmerman threatened her with a gun. Now she's recanting her story, and wants all charges against him dropped.
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Charges were dropped against George Zimmerman following his arrest for domestic abuse.
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George Zimmerman has opened up about his thoughts on President Obama and the Trayvon Marti murder case. As you might expect, his remarks are quite controversial.
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