Farrah Abraham has pushed her daughter into modeling. Because of course she has.
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In a new clip from 'Teen Mom OG,' Farrah Abraham makes her mother, Debra cry with pretty rotten insults. It gets to the point where Abraham's daughter, Sophia starts to slap her for being so mean to grandma.
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Farrah Abraham slams her daughter Sophia in the latet preview for Teen Mom: OG. Watch, and be appalled.
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Farrah Abraham takes to Instagram to show fans the bed in which she lost her virginity, and it's every bit as horrific as it sounds.
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Reports of Farrah Abraham getting into a physical altercation with a Teen Mom: OG producer are apparently true. See the footage released by MTV.
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Farrah Abraham is seeking the help of Patti Stanger on Million Dollar Matchmaker to try and find love.
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It was a naughty, naughty Halloween night with Farrah Abraham and the sexy ladies of the Palazio Gentlemen's Club of Austin, Texas.
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Farrah Abraham always insists she's not a porn star, yet if it looks, acts, talks and writhes around in a sexy bunny suit like a porn star ...
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The 'Teen Mom OG' reunion special airs tonight on MTV, and Farrah Abraham's past is a big topic for Dr. Drew. Abraham's father, Michael was asked to speak about her adult video.
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The trailer for the second Farrah Abraham sex tape, Farrah 2: Backdoor & More. Obviously, VERY NSFW alert.
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The original Teen Moms were caught on video trashing Farrah Abraham. As you might guess, Farrah is less than pleased.
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Farrah Abraham was so determined for her boyfriend Simon Saran to bond with her daughter Sophia, she literally pushed her head into his lap on the Teen Mom season finale.
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Farrah Abraham Quotes

[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.

Jenelle [Evans] has all the potential to turn her negatives into a positive like I have.