Stephen Colbert took home Only in Monroe on Wednesday night. The comedian interviews Eminem on this random public access show.
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Bruno Mars and Eminem team up here on "Lighters." Check out the official music video for the track.
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This Eminem single is titled "Elevator." It's stirred up controversy for Eminem because he appears to refer to a few famous celebs as "faggots" in it."
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Eminem and Lil Wayne team up on a track for the former's new album. "No Love" would be better if it didn't sample Haddaway.
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Rihanna and Eminem do his new track, "Love the Way You Lie" live in Cali. Pretty hot collaboration if you ask us.
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Eminem put on an amazing performance at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. He combined "Not Afraid" with "Love the Way You Lie."
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Anderson Cooper interviews Eminem on 60 Minutes. It's actually really enlightening stuff.
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"Love the Way You Lie" is the latest collaboration between Eninem and another huge star: Rihanna. Listen now!
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