Here's the music video from Drake Bell for the song "I Found a Way." We're guessing the words left out of that title are: ..."to make Vanessa Hudgens pose nude for me."
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Justin Bieber rolls down his window here and greets fans... at Drake Bell's album release party. HA!
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Drake Bell and others are petitioning to deport Justin Bieber. It's an idea a lot of people can probably get behind.
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Drake Bell praises his fans in this interview. And slams those of Justin Bieber in the process.
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Drake Bell hates Justin Biber. Read his latest Twitter barrage now.
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Drake Bell Biography

Tess Taylor
Yes, Drake Bell is Nickelodeon star of the sho, Drake and Josh. But more importantly? He may have been the one Vanessa Hudgens nude pics... More »
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Drake Bell