Donald Trump has been caught on video... saying some very lewd things about women. Will this sink his campaign?
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Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by four women. At minimum. Check out this video for more.
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Farrah Abraham is doing her part to make American Great Again and throwing her full support behind Donald Trump as he campaigns to run this great nation.
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Donald Trump makes a major announcement in this video. What does he have to say to supporters in Ohio?
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Donald Trump says that he actually will accept the results of the Presidential election. Under this one condition, that is.
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Megyn Kelly didn't back down in this interview with Donald Trump. She called him out for a series of Tweets and she basically asked him: Why should anyone vote you President?!?
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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump attended the Al Smith charity dinner in October of 2016. Here are highlights from the event.
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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went at it again in the third Presidential debate. These are a few highlights from the trainwreck.
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Jessica Leeds opened up about being sexually assaulted by Donald Trump in a recent interview with Anderson Cooper. Leeds says the incident took place aboard a commercial jet in 1979.
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Mike Tyson is on Team Donald Trump. The former boxer has officially endorsed the somewhat racist real estate mogul for President.
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What do you need to know about the third Presidential debate? This video should help set the scene for you.
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Donald Trump fired professional wrestler Maria Kanellis on a 2010 episode of 'The Apprentice' for using "locker room" talk in his board room.
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