Donald Trump recently stated that Caitlyn Jenner could pee in any bathroom she chooses in Trump Tower. This week, the reality star took him up on that offer.
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We didn't think Mean Girls could get any better. But then we watched clips from a version that stars Donald Trump... and were proven wrong!
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Last night, Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner while hosting the Miss Universe pageant. Shockingly, Donald Trump has a good idea for how pageant officials can right the wrong.
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Everyone seems to agree that Donald Trump is a bigot. But what did the mogul actually say about Mexicans to elicit this reaction? Watch his speech here.
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Donald Trump was asked about a controversial trans rights issue on Today this morning. His answer might surprise you.
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Donald Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr. went big game hunting in Africa recently. Here are some surprising photos from that trip.
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Chris Brown is NOT a fan of Donald Trump. The singer made his feelings known in a recent Instagram rant.
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Last night's episode of The Daily Show featured a lost 1994 interview with Donald Trump. Trump's comments on his then-infant daughter are not for the faint of heart.
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Donald Trump goes off on Anderson Cooper in this video. He slams the CNN reporter as untrustworthy.
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Bill O'Reilly has a suggestion for Donald Trump. The Fox News host is none too pleased with the Presidential candidate in this video.
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Donald Trump has taken to mocking Hillary Clinton's hair. Yes, we are now living ing the Bizarro World.
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Classic Donald Trump. Look at the way this billionaire accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge.
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