Amy Schumer went toe-to-toe with some Trump supporters in Tampa recently. It didn't end well.
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Last night's episode of The Daily Show featured a lost 1994 interview with Donald Trump. Trump's comments on his then-infant daughter are not for the faint of heart.
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Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" on live TV last night. Did he know his mic was on?
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Donald Trump gets booed in this video, as he uses the wrong platform to make fun of his political rival, Hillary Clinton.
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Donald Trump made some shocking comments about his dating life during an interview with Howard Stern in the '90s. The presidential candidate stated that he believes avoiding STDs is as difficult as fighting in the Vetnam War.
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Yoga instructor Karena Virginia came forward to allege that she was once groped by Donald Trump. More than a dozen women now claim they were sexually harassed or assaulted by the presidential candidate.
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Megyn Kelly cannot keep a straight face while discussing Donald Trump in this Fox News segment. What made her laugh hysterically? Watch to find out!
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Don King accidentally used the n-word at a Trump rally today. Fortunately, the presidential candidate handled the slip-up with dignity and grace. Just kidding, it was awkward as hell!
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Footage showing presidential candidate Donald Trump making shockingly lewd comments about his relationships with women were obtained by the Washington Post today. The video was shot shortly after Trump married his third wife, Melania.
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Donald Trump makes a major announcement in this video. What does he have to say to supporters in Ohio?
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Donald Trump joked that "Second Amendment people" could prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency during a campaign event today. Many believe the real estate mogul was encouraging his supporters to assassinate Secretary Clinton.
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Donald Trump may has gone off on Megyn Kelly. But you won't believe what the Presidential candidate actually said about the Fox News anchor this time.
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