Donald Trump was accused of saying some truly horrific things about former actress Alicia Machado during his first debate with Hillary Clinton. Amazingly, the Donald doubled-down on his remarks the morning after.
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Don King accidentally used the n-word at a Trump rally today. Fortunately, the presidential candidate handled the slip-up with dignity and grace. Just kidding, it was awkward as hell!
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Tiffany Trump gave a touching tribute to her father Donald at the Republican National Convention last night. Watch it and learn about his youngest daughter.
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Do Presidential debates really make a difference? Will the winner of Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump really be a step closer to the White House?
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Donald Trump came out swinging during the first Republican primary debate. To the surprise of many, the real estate mogul took an ugly shot at longtime rival Rosie O'Donnell.
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Donald Trump joked that "Second Amendment people" could prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency during a campaign event today. Many believe the real estate mogul was encouraging his supporters to assassinate Secretary Clinton.
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Last night's episode of The Daily Show featured a lost 1994 interview with Donald Trump. Trump's comments on his then-infant daughter are not for the faint of heart.
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Hillary Clinton took on Donald Trump in the first Presidential debate of 2016. How did celebrities react to the debate online? Find out now!
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Chris Brown is NOT a fan of Donald Trump. The singer made his feelings known in a recent Instagram rant.
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Donald Trump took on Hillary Clinton in the first Presidential debate of 2016. Who came out on top? Watch this video and decide for yourself!
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Donald Trump believes Hillary Clinton is physically and intellectually unfit yo serve as president. The candidate shared this belief during a recent campaign rally.
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Donald Trump really, truly, actually is running for President of the United States. Watch excerpts from his hilarious speech here.
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