Donald Trump may has gone off on Megyn Kelly. But you won't believe what the Presidential candidate actually said about the Fox News anchor this time.
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Donald Trump has now managed to insult Asian people. Watch this campaign speech to see why and how.
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Donald Trump has real hair, folks. And he forces a woman in the audience to touch it and see for herself in this video.
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Donald Trump is making no apologies for tossing Jorge Ramos from a recent press conference. He says the reporter was totally "out of line."
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Donald Trump had strong words for a Latino reporter from Univision at a recent press conference. Watch him tell the journalist off here.
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The first GOP primary debate was pretty funny. The Bad Lip Reading version is even funnier.
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Everyone seems to agree that Donald Trump is a bigot. But what did the mogul actually say about Mexicans to elicit this reaction? Watch his speech here.
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How does Heidi Klum feel about Donald Trump saying she is no longer a "10?" Watch this perfect response to find out!
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