Donald Trump on Good Morning America in April 2011, going at it with George Stephanopoulos over Obama's birth certificate. You gotta watch this.
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onald Trump is being sued by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for $40 million.
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Donald Trump thinks Kim Kardashian has a "fat ass." He's also against gay marriage.
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Donald Trump goes off on a rant on The View that would make any birther proud. Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand, was not pleased.
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Donald Trump can earn $1 million for the charity of his choice. Watch this video to find out how.
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SNL parodies a potential Republican debate in advance of the 2012 primary season. Watch Tina Fey in action again as Sarah Palin here!
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Go ahead and shave your head, Donald Trump. And Mark Cuban will donate $1 million to charity.
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Bill O'Reilly calls out Donald Trump in this interview. He challenges the mogul's absurd notion that Obama was born in Kenya.
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