Adam Silver bans Donald Sterling for life from the NBA. Watch the clip.
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Donald Sterling cannot believe people think he's a racist. Listen to him talk with a friend in this new audio recording.
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Two recordings have been released of Clippers owner Donald Sterling making appalling racist comments to his girlfriend.
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The Los Angeles Clippers staged an on-court protest of owner Donald Sterling after an audio tape revealed him to be a raging racist.
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Donald Sterling believes black people should be grateful to him because he puts food on their table... and who else would do that?!?
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V. Stiviano, the one who leaked the recordings of Donald Sterling, is under investigation for extortion plots.
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Donald Sterling talks here with Anderson Cooper. The Los Angeles Clippers owner has many opinions on race and on Magic Johnson.
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Donald Sterling slams V. Stiviano in this recording. He accuses her of being racist.
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