Did she get fired? Did she quit? Camille Grammer talks about her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills departure in this interview.
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Camille Grammer appeared on Lopez Tonight in January 2011 and you won't believe this... but she discussed her failed marriage in public. Amazing, we know.
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Camille Grammer is appalled! She can't believe Andy Cohen would dare call her "sneaky." What on earth does he mean?!?
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A seemingly calm discussion between Camille and Kyle turns ugly when the "B" word is broken out. See what we mean in the clip above.
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Yes, Kim, you have a drinking problem. That topic is raised on part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.
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Rumors say former RHoBH cast members Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof may be returning to the show.
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Camille Grammer has obtained a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend. She has accused him of a savage beating.
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Kelsey Grammer has a small penis. Ex-wife Camille makes that clear in this video, courtesy of TMZ.
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Camille Grammer has never met a camera she didn't embrace. In this interview, for the 178th time, the Real Housewife talks about her divorce.
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This whole season was set up to make me look bad! So screams Camille Grammer during one of these clips from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special.
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Camille Grammer made a strong, hilarious accusation in this interview with Howard Stern: ex-husband Kelsey tends to be a cross-dresser!
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We wish Camille Grammer a full recovery. This reality star is recovering from a serious procedure.
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