The opening montage of the "changed man" starring on the Bachelor this season. Spoiler alert: Brad Womack is shirtless a lot.
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Brad Womack and Emily Maynard get engaged on the season finale of The Bachelor. What a magical moment.
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A sneak peek of the second episode of The Bachelor season. The women do the whole acting thing. So played out.
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Madison is pretty creepy. Brad Womack can't help but come out and ask what the deal is with the fangs.
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The first rose ceremony of the season features Brad Womack doling out 20 roses. Those women? So lucky.
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A montage of what's coming up this season on The Bachelor. Brad Womack is in for some major drama.
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Brad Womack is back as The Bachelor for a second time. This preview is extended for three full minutes of contrived nonsense.
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Chantal O'Brien slaps Brad Womack on the season premiere of The Bachelor. He pretends he didn't know it was coming.
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Brad Womack Biography

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Brad Womack, a 37-year-old resident of Austin, Tex., was the star of ABC's The Bachelor in September 2007, its 11th season ... and is... More »
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