Billy Ray Cyrus makes Chelsea Handler's dreams come true in this video. She may wanna get new dreams.
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Will Miley Cyrus get married to Liam Hemsworth? Billy Ray Cyrus says in this interview that he doesn't know.
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Billy Ray Cyrus is blown away by his daughter's ability. As recounted in this video. he raved about Miley to Piers Morgan.
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Miley Cyrus is reportedly in counseling. Not with Liam Hemsworth. With Billy Ray Cyrus!
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Billy Ray Cyrus stands up for his daughter in this interview. Watch him discuss Miley Cyrus with Piers Morgan.
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Billy Ray Cyrus has Tweeted support for his daughter. He thinks there should be less "hate" in the world.
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Billy Ray Cyrus talks about Miley Cyrus in this interview with Arsenio Hall. He's very proud of his daughter.
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Billy Ray Cyrus and Justin Bieber should be best friends and hang out together. So the former says. Would it help the latter?
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