Beyonce is showing off her massive cleavage in this red carpet video. She doesn't require the use of her assistant any longer.
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Wendy Williams randomly attacked Beyonce on her show today. Hopefully, she's ready to be attacked by Beyonce fans in return.
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Beyonce's Grammy Awards performance from 2015. Watch her close down the show with this epic gospel number!
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Is Beyonce lying about her age? Her father, Mathew Knowles seemed to suggest as much in a recent interview.
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Beyonce and Ed Sheeran team up here for an unexpected version of "Drunk in Love." It's totally awesome. Check it out now.
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Jay Z and Solange fighting in the elevator following the MET Gala. Watch as Solange launches a second attack at the end of the clip.
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Nicki Minaj and Beyonce have teamed up to, well... feel themselves. Take a look at a teaser for the pair's music video, set to the track "Feel Myself."
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Beyonce has released a shock new single that is dedicated to her husband.
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Will and Kate met up with Jay Z and Beyonce at the Barclay's Center last night. The world is dying to know what they talked about.
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Beyonce and Jay-Z might be the coolest parents ever. They rented out a jungle for Blue Ivy's 2nd birthday.
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Behold, the Beyonce-Lady Gaga collaboration. "Video Phone." It's kind of unintentionally funny. And seizure inducing.
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It's a slow news day. Which is why you should take the time to really enjoy this video of a baby dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." It speaks for itself.
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