On The Bachelor finale Ben Flajnik Proposes to Courtney Robertson in this amazing moment. Amazingly bad, in the opinion of many.
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Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson sit down for a chat with Chris Harrison on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose. How are they doing these days?
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Ben and Courtney go skinny-dipping on The Bachelor. Hot! And kind of disgusting!
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Lindzi Cox gets rejected on the season finale of The Bachelor. Did Ben Flajnik make a colossal error?
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Ben Flajnik gets grilled by Ellen DeGeneres about getting played by Courtney Robertson. The Bachelor in the hot seat!
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Courtney's mojo is rising, but will the other girls get to Ben before it's too late? This promo for the Week 6 of the Bachelor and beyond hints at developments to come (after the Week 5 rose ceremony).
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This sneak preview of The Bachelor's 16th season (starting January 2, 2012) hints at the drama and the heartbreak and the nudity to come. It's gonna be sweet.
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Nicky Sterling goes on a hometown date with Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor Monday, February 20. Here's a sneak preview clip!
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