Ben Affleck may have just won the Ice Bucket Challenge. Watch him dunk Jennifer Garner in the pool while bringing attention to ALS.
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Ben Affleck has an important message for viewers of this video: too many people are starving in America. You can do something about that.
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Ben Affleck talks about his family in this interview. He also opens up about the Batman backlash.
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Your first look at Ben Affleck as Batman. Ben puts on the cape for the forthcoming Batman vs. Superman.
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Ben Affleck is the new Batman. And Twitter is in a funny uproar over the casting.
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Ben Affleck tears up as he accepts the Best Picture award for Argo.
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Watch this video for footage of Ben Affleck on Jimmy Fallon. He talks about his reaction the vitriol over his casting as Batman.
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Yup, you guessed it: Jimmy Kimmel is effing Ben Affleck. In response to the amazing video posted by his girlfriend and Matt Damon, Kimmel has sought revenge by telling her - with help from an array of celebrities - that he's having intercourse with Affleck.
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Ben Affleck Biography

Ben Affleck and daughter, Violet
Ben Affleck is Jennifer Garner's husband. He's also an actor that may actually have a brighter future as a director. Either way, he's a... More »
Berkeley, California
Full Name
Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt