On The View, Barbara Walters read notes from a conversation she had with Mariah Carey in which the singer alleged that Nicki Minaj threatened her life.
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The women of The View discuss the shooting in Arizona and how Barbara Walters feels bad for Sarah Palin. Watch here.
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Barbara Walters stands up for Woody Allen during this segment on The View. And things get heated from there.
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This video of Barbara Walters interviewing the Kardashians lasts for just over a minute. But about 24 seconds of that time is dedicated to footage from the Ray J/Kim Kardashian sex tape.
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Barbara Walters has a vibrator. We really wish we didn't know that.
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Steve Jobs was Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating Person of 2011. A great, posthumous choice.
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Sarah Palin is discussed by the ladies of The View. Barbara Walters is interviewing her as one of the year's most fascinating.
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Talk about a hot topic! Sherri Shepherd tries to explain in this video why she doesn't like Barbara Walters saying the N word.
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