George Zimmerman has opened up about his thoughts on President Obama and the Trayvon Marti murder case. As you might expect, his remarks are quite controversial.
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HA! Barack Obama shows he has a sense of humor in this Mean Tweets segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. People have really mean things to say about the President!
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Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debate in February 2008, on Saturday Night Live, that is. Funny stuff.
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John McCain's campaign ad attacking Barack Obama's celebrity... and positions, we assume.
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The District, a spoof on The City, makes Barack Obama its star instead of Whitney Port.
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Tonya Harding is pissed that Barack Obama used her as a punchline. He's far from the first, sweetie.
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Hillary Clinton, stop the attacks! XOXO, Obama Girl.
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Barack Obama was not pleased - rightfully or not - with some of the remarks Hillary and Bill Clinton have made about him. This is his response, during the debate in S.C. on January 21.
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Barack Obama Biography

Barack and Michelle Obama Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America. He became a Democratic U.S. Senator from Illinois in 2004, and has... More »
Honolulu, Hawaii
Full Name
Barack Hussein Obama II

Barack Obama Quotes

I do think in Washington, it's a little bit like American Idol. But everybody is Simon Cowell.

Barack Obama

I think I'm a pretty cool dad.

Barack Obama