The story here is not that Aubrey O'Day referred to Hitler as "brilliant." It's that Sean Hannity had her on his show in the first place.
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Aubrey O'Day speaks out on her nude photo controversy ... which isn't really a controversy, as it involves her being upset about her nude photos ... from a topless show.
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The NOH8 Campaign has released a 2nd PSA entitled "I'm Coming Out." This will help raise awareness about Propostion 8 and Marriage Equality.
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Aubrey O'Day is proud of her weight loss. She shows it off in this Twit pic.
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Brandi Glanville had some choice words for Ryan Gosling in a recent interview. The former reality star apparently strongly disagrees with the majority of the Earth's females.
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Aubrey O'Day declared herself and boyfriend Pauly D the "new Brangelina." This is a bold statement coming from a couple who broke up over the summer, with only one party aware.
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Aubrey O'Day was actually fired as the singer of Danity Kane in the fall of 2008. She's kind of weird looking, but can occasionally come... More »
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I usually watch black guys doing white girls, that's my little fetish, even though in real life race isn't a factor for me. Really, I'm more turned on by watching the girls than the guys. I love someone who looks like they're really into sex.

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I’m dating like five guys.

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