An ad attacking Ashley Judd and other candidates for US Senate in Kentucky has already been released ... 21 months in advance of the 2014 election.
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In this video, Ashley Judd comes down hard on Sarah Palin for the latter's belief that wolves ought to be murdered in the most extreme ways possible. Are you on her side?
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Ashley Judd discusses her abusive past on the Today Show. She says she was abused sexually as a child. Very sad, but heroic of her to confront it head on.
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Ashley Judd slams allegations of plastic surgery and decries speculation to that effect as hatred toward women. Watch clips of a recent interview she gave on the subject.
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A political ad attacking Ashley Judd ... for merely entertaining the idea of a run for U.S. Senate.
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The leaked Ashley Judd tape from Sen. Mitch McConnell's office. April 2013.
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