Arnold Schwarzenegger recites a famous movie line of his in this clip. He's ordering you to put that cookie down.
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A clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger on 60 Minutes, in which he says he never paid his mistress to keep quiet.
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Don't believe former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, smoked a joint of weed during his weight lifting movie? Just watch this video where the governator admits to smoking weed.
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Arnold Shhwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon spoofed QVC on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!
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Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in Sabotage. Check out this exclusive first look trailer!
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A preview of Arnold Schwarzenegger on 60 Minutes. The interview airs September 30, 2012.
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Mel Gibson seems awfully hyper in this video. Could he be on cocaine?
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Arnold Schwarzenegger has two questions in this video: Who is your daddy? And what does he do?
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Arnold Schwarzenegger issues a threat in this video. But don't get too scared, it's from a famous movie of the actor's.
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After reciting many famous movie lines for fans, Arnold Schwarzenegger says in this video that it was a lot of fun. And he'll be back.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger does his best quotes for fans, based on which got the most votes on Reddit.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover in this video. Watch him fool some Gold's Gym member.
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