Ariana Grande said yesterday that her biggest celebrity crush is Jim Carrey. As Carrey's girlfriend Cathriona White recently committed suicide, many feel the comment was inappropriate.
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Girl-on-Girl Action Alert! Girl-on-Girl Action Alert! Ariana Grande totally kisses actress Liz Gillies in this video.
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Wendy Williams has come under some major fire. Watch this video to see what the talk show host said about Ariana Grande and then to see what the singer's fans said back.
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Well done, Ariana Grande! Watch the singer impersonate a couple of her fellow pop stars in this impressive Tonight Show appearance.
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Justin Bieber joined Ariana Grande on stage at a recent concert. It seems Ari's boyfriend Big Sean didn't appreciate the sight of the Biebs getting hands with his girl.
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Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj perform a medley of "Break Free," "Anaconda" and "Bang Bang" at the 2014 MTV VMAs.
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Ariana Grande dropped the video for "Love Me Harder" on YouTube today. Many are calling the song her best single yet.
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Ariana Grande was caught licking donuts and cursing out America in a strange new video. Watch and decide for yourself if this is scandal has been blown out of proportion.
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