Anthony Weiner resigns from Congress in this press conference. There's an important, anti-naked photo lesson for us all to learn here.
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Anthony Weiner resigns from Congress in this video. Listen closely and you'll hear hecklers mocking his penis photos and size.
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Jon Stewart was a roommate with Anthony Weiner back in the day. Naturally, the talk show host therefore ha to comment on his pal's Twitter scandal.
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Watch this sketch of Jon Stewart trying to mock the Anthony Weiner situation. It gets much funnier when he accidentally injures his hand during the skit.
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Of course Bill O'Reilly has a take on the Anthony Weiner flap. Listen to him explain its national security consequences now.
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Anthony Weiner gets into an argument with a voter who takes the mayoral candidate to task.
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The official promo for Sydney Leathers' porn movie, Weiner and Me.
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Mayoral candiates sat down with voters in NYC but one of the contenders' focus shifted to Anthony Weiner's personal experiences.
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Anthony Weiner is a six-term Congressman from New York. He's also a former friend of Jon Stewart's and has appeared many times on The... More »
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