Angelina Pivarnick stars in this horrific music video. Watch it now, but consider yourself warned.
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What is it with these Jersey Shore losers thinking they can record music? Here, Angelina Pivarnick sings "I'm Hot." LOL.
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Angelina Pivarnick from Jersey Shore makes her rap debut in "I'm Hot." This is the funniest/worst song you will ever hear.
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This behind-the-scenes footage of the Taj Mahal smackdown between Angelina Pivarnick, formerly of Jersey Shore, and Melissa Mayne, formerly the owner of a cellphone, has just been obtained. And we have just laughed a lot.
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Angelina Pivarnick appears on TNA Wrestling. To the delight of viewers nationwide, she gets freaking STOMPED at the end of this clip.
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It's gonna go down on Jersey Shore. Here's Snooki's throwdown with Angelina in Season 2.
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Angelina Pivarnick Biography

Jersey Shore's Angelina Angelina Pivarnick is a star on Jersey Shore. She's also the outcast, having bailed on both seasons of the show to date. Frequently... More »
Staten Island, New York
Full Name
Angelina Pivarnick