Mark Wahlberg confronts Andy Samberg about his impression of him on Saturday Night Live.
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Hey girls. Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg have something real special for you. So just sit down. And listen.
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What can we say... Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg has Kevin Federline down to a science. Even if he is a little Jewish guy.
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Dress shirt, black socks, no pants... what more is there to say?
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Andy Samberg is about to jizz in his pants. A lot. We didn't even know you could say that on TV.
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You asked for it... you got it. Here's the Chronic - what!? - cles ... of Narnia!
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Andy Samberg in an SNL Digital Short from October 2007. He is insane... and pretty damn funny even at his most goofy and absurd.
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Andy Samberg and Adam Levine lament the differences with and profess their love for the visiting president of Iran. Of course. What else would you expect?
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Andy Samberg Biography

Andy Samberg as Rick Santorum
Andy Samberg is a shaggy and funny star of Saturday Night Live. In addition to his usual, funny work on the late night institution, he's... More »
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