Amber Rose is doing her best to squash her beef with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Will Khloe and company acceot her peace offering?
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Amber Rose launched an epic Twitter war when she dissed Kylie Jenner. The whole Kardashian clan is now involved in the fight.
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Amber Rose and Blac Chyna Make Out Alert! Watch these two stars lock lips on the red carpet of the 2015 BET Awards.
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Amber Rose and Kanye West attended the same party over the weekend. We can't imagine Kim Kardashian was too thrilled about that.
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Amber Rose has very large breasts. How large? The model reveals the actual number in this video.
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Well done, Amber Rose! Watch the model Twerk her rear end off in this
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Amber Rose slams Kanye West in this new video. She says the rapper does not write his own songs. Shot fired!
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Wiz Khalifa released a new song today in which he addresses his breakup with Amber Rose. "For Everybody" contains some seriously unkind rhymes targeted at Amber.
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Amber Alert
Amber Rose started dating Kanye West in February of 2009. She is reportedly good friends with Rihanna, as well. Rose is a model that was... More »
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