Amber Lee Ettinger isn't just the Obama Girl. As this video proves, the beauty is Super Obama Girl!!!
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Hillary Clinton, stop the attacks! XOXO, Obama Girl.
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Don't mess with the Incredible McCain Girl. Unless you're Obama Girl, that is... she can hang tough.
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Obama who? Amber Lee Ettinger is crushing on Mike Gravel. We don't think Mike's Girl has the same ring to it as Obama's Girl, however.
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Amber Lee Ettinger has a crush on Barack Obama. And she's not afraid to show it.
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Obama Girl, Amber Lee Ettinger, is an Internet sensation. And a hard news sensation. Here she is, being interview on FOX News.
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Amber Lee Ettinger became well known for her role as Obama Girl in a series of online videos that became Internet sensations. The hottie... More »
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Amber Lee Ettinger