Keenan Cahill and 50 Cent go "Down On Me." That sounded weird, but you'll get what we mean if you watch the video.
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50 Cent pleads not guilty to domestic violence charges in court August 5, 2013.
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This may be the worst ceremonial first pitch in baseball history. Thank you for the laugh, 50 Cent!
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Ready to watch a trailer for MaleFiftyCent? This spoof, from Jmmy Kimmel Live, stars 50 Cent.
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Michael Jackson featuring 50 Cent? Talk about a "Monster" performance! Listen to it here.
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50 Cent performs live on X Factor. With Astro! Watch them perform "Wait Until Tonight" and "In the Club."
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Adam Levine and 50 Cent thrill the house with a live performance of their new collaboration, "My Life."
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50 Cent posted this video of himself narrating the infamous Solange-Jay Z fight footage. It's just as funny as you'd expect!
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