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Stacy Francis shares a heartbreaking story in this X Factor audition: her dad passed away on the first day of auditions. Watch her fight through the pain here.
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WHAT THE HELL are you guys listening to yourselves so what if she had a past career that's life we can't dwell on her mistakes but we can embrace her coming forward and wanting to do it again that's all you critiques do is not make a person even want to try I mean you kill a persons spirit and what is the world coming to if we can't even say one decent thing about another human being I am a model and I know how it is


Stacy Stated in a interview on access hollywood that she did not know her father or he was not in her life. the longer she on the show the more lies she has to tell to keep her story together. check her out on beverly hills fabulous stating that she expecting another man baby while still married. That man is Bishop in a church in california.


It wouldn't surprise me that the X-Factor producers wanted Stacy to look like an amateur and told her to act the part, since she can act. Even Simon and L.A. laughed in this interview when the interviewer brought up the "I don't want to die with this music inside me, Simon" declaration! Unfortunately, because either the show or Stacy attempted to deceive the public into feeling sorry for Stacy, it's hard to believe a word she says, even about her father dying the day of boot camp. It's too bad she couldn't just come on the show and sing without the drama, because she has the talent. She wouldn't have been the first person on a singing contest to have had some success and then fallen off the ladder. These talent/reality shows are all fixed, I'm convinced!


I don't believe Ms. Francis' father passed away on the first day of Boot Camp. I think it happened a couple weeks earlier, but she concocted the story to create drama and to add to the sob story she had begun for herself at her first audition.
She has already tried to create for herself the picture of untrained singer, stay-at-home mom, when she is in actuality a professional singer and actor.
I will not be supporting her run on The X-Factor if she makes it to the final round.


Summertime - so many happy days playing with Daddy ! You just made me cry for my Dad - but the pain of loss does ease with the years and then you are left with so many good memories. Stacy you have the most wonderful voice you deserve to win the Xfactor.

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