Soulja Boy - Let's Be Real

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That douche Soulja Boy is under fire for a rap song in which he makes some disparaging comments about the military. Listen to "Let's Be Real" here.
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This is where the real talk comes in. You never say F*** the troops for a very simple reason. The troops are not the ones to blame for any problems you have. If you have a problem with the war, blame the politicians that send them there. The infantrymen that are climbing the mountains, getting shot at, patroling the towns, did not decide that America should go to war. It was President Bush and Congress. In that sense Soulja boy is not right on any standard and should change his name and drop out of the publics view.


As much as I HATE this talentless hack, I disagree with the idea that he should "apologize" for his views. That attitude is more dangerous than any anti-war sentiment. This country needs to stop the soldier worship. People who speak out against unnecessary wars are doing more to "protect our freedom" than any soldier, general or colonel ever thought of doing. That freedom is the freedom of speech, also known as the First Amendment to the Constitution. Going into foreign countries to rape and pillage the land of its natural resources, killing thousands of innocent people in the process, is putting our safety as a nation in danger by drawing more hatred from terrorists around the globe. While we shouldn't hate soldiers, we shouldn't automatically assume they're all saints either. Same with police, doctors or anyone else. How's that for "real talk"?


He doesn't have the balls to be a man and serve his country. There are women out there who have served this country proudly. Until he signs on the dotted line to protect America, he can "KISS MY ASS".Just keep putting out that garbage that you think is music and selling it to those who think it is good because you are black. People all over the world are laughing at how stupid all these rappers are from the African-American community. If you think going to jail will boost record sales, you are just as stupid as the idiots who buy them for that reason. No one in Rock, Country, Jazz and etc goes to jail to sell music. People sell more records than rappers because the music is good.

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