Sharron Angle Ad

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Does this Sharron Angle ad cross a line? Does it pains Latinos as terrorists? Joey Behar says so, as she spoke out against it on The View.

Joy is appalling. Why is she is still on the show? She is totally offensive. My brother lives in a community that is being over run by illegals - they out-bidded him out of business in his contracting job... he opened a store and they robbed him twice in less than 6 months.... the second time they totally cleaned him out. My nephew and his friend were jumped while riding their bikes and clubbed with baseball bats in a gang initiation. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS AD. The situation is out of control!


Joy needs to be fired...Why is she allowed to call someone names and say they are going to hell on national TV and get away with it..Does she know that's where she is heading if she doesn't get her act together??


I stopped watching the VIEW forever.I think that Joey and the others should not use the View as a platform for their political views. I'm sick and tired of these hosts taking up air time to bitch and complain about the republicans. Joey and Whoopie should both be fired for the lack of professionalism. They do not entertain their audiences - they shove crap in our faces every day. Enough said.......

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