Sharknado Trailer (Official)

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Check out the official, full-length trailer for Sharknado. Enough said, right?
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Some Jewish kid with no talent but connections wants to make it into Hollywood with a some dumb implausible story, given a budget a washed up director and cast that are just happy to have a job without falling into the porn industry.
Or maybe I am wrong and that is not in that case, but it does certainly happen a lot. Talent is second to which tribe you belong to or how hot your ass is apparently or how willing you are to completely degrade yourself for fame.

@ wouldn't you like to know

There is of course plenty of talent and opportunity for talented people of all walks of life, but we get so much of this rubbish because of this tribal reward and leg up system. But I guess most everyone would help those with which they feel the greatest connection, with the intention of advancing themselves and their people as a whole.


one of the dumbest movies you could watch. Its so implausible you can't keep endorsed. Maybe good for 8yos who like sponge bob.


And I thought "Godzilla" was a hoot!?! ~0;-D


That has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen! LOL

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