Sharkeisha: Fight Video Heard 'Round the World

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Sharkeisha. The fight video heard 'round the world. We break down the woman and shocking clip that have taken the internet by storm.

It's apitty d way young girls act fighting doesn't make them look good make them look sorry shameless pittyful n to d victim keep it head up .1 more thing if a man is urs he wouldn't b else where he belongs to his or her mother .


just cuz she got arrested doesn't mean she'll be in jail...she'll be in a "holding cell" maybe, but not jail...not for two 14 year olds fighting..


Hollywood Gossip, why in the he!! would you glorify someone who does that? You're part of what's wrong with this world. And just remember, karma's a bitch. You might have a child that this happens too someday. So remember, the kid who beats the hel!! out of your kid "deserves respect". Doubt you'll think so. Take this off the damn web.


Y'all know y'all wrong for red hoeing that damn video.niw wat if that was your child being beating like that.and sharkieasha dnt need to do all dat shut for a damn boy.

@ Kwadija

lemme fix that for you. "now what if that was your child being BEATEN like that. and sharkieasha DOESN'T need to do all THAT

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