Selena Gomez is a Liar!

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Selena Gomez is a liar!!! So states Ellen DeGeneres in this funny interview with the young singer.
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I Love Selena but why did she said..."he's like my bro" n wat the hell shez doin with JB rite now :/


all u friggin haters get a life! if u hate her dont say anything! its rude and ur just making ur self look like shit. @CHEROKEE BARNHART get a life


You suck selena! I hate you ! go die in a river PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE.
THat is the worst song in the world


You rock!! i think that all of the other peeps love you too. When i first heard that song i ran to my sister and said"do you know what my favorite song is" she had know idea but then i let her lisen to your song and she was about ready to burst out into tears it was so good.I just want to say that cherokee barnhart sucks. SHUT THE FUCK UP CHEROKEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


all the comments are so sweet except purple and arpita and selena gomez is a beautiful cute smart pretty nice giving girl and i really love im obssesd with her and i hate justin and when i first knew about there relationship i said no way she will never never ever gonna date some1 like him and i saw photos and i said that s not her then it turned that she s dating him i got so ad then i said to myself if i really love her i have to respect what she love then i started tolike him and all what i was worry about is justin mad fans


umm... I don't really think she's a liar.. i mean c'mon.. I bet almost 80% of guys u date started out as friends.. Feelings can change over time u know.. She so sweet, and I know that she will always remain that way.. They are all being unjust to her... Imagine u being in Selena's place.. How would that make u feel.. when u r called a liar in front of the entire world... Just leave her alone guys.. and let her enjoy her life..PLS!!!


i love selena gomezzzz!!!! shut up ur haters!!!!


i love selena gomez !!! far before i know she is dating justin bieber, i am a fan of her, she is so pretty and has a simple life, i love the way she smile and i can feel the purity of her, if she is considered with miley cyrus and others teenage actress in america, i love her more....when i know she has started dating with justin bieber, i totally disaggre, its not because they aren't good couple, but i am afraid selena will bi hit or hated by a hundres of justin bieber fan, she is not a liar when she told to the worls that JB is like her brother, at that time might be the love feeling didnt come out of her, but finally she tells the truth that Justin is a nice guy, i think its a common thing when u started the relationship by just friends then the feeling changed, she is soo talented....sont jusge a book by its cover man!!!!


I am not hater of her or a fan of her.but i just wanna say why she first say that "he is like my brother".i think first she does not think that justin gonna be so popular Coz she always with those people who are Popular.i think she did this to stay on the news always.want a list-
1)Taylor Luanter
2)Nick Jonas
3)Justin Beiber
totally BAD..........


hehe...what a liar...i hate her by d way :S

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