Was Selena Gomez drunk for this post-Golden Globes interview? Watch and decide!

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Honnestly i would love getting drunk at a beautiful event like that who wouldn't injoy a couple drinks


I can't tell but I don't know?


yeah she is drunk like a maniac


hi !!salut mais non elle a pas bue je croix en elle je croix meme que c est la seul star qui boit pas sans arret elle boit forcement pour des occasions c est sur et certain sa pourrais arriver mais je croix en elle et je pense que eple c est ce qe fait . good bye . aurvoir


lol she was totaly drunk her face looks so wierd or was that she wore to much make up and she said the word incredible.


it wouldnt surprise me if she was.

@ TaylorBieber

tayler shut up!


Too much makeup...too much dress...too much use of the word incredible...just too much for someone so young. All these so called young "stars" are no where near the stars of the past. The paps/media have made them more of what they actually are and they
believe the hype. They are actors, they get so much attention for saying words someone else wrote...because their movies make studios money, they are treated like royalty. It's laughable, especially when they talk politics, as if their political views matter.
Give me a break!




I don't know about drunk...I'd say a wee tipsy...... makes you trip over your words...LOL


If you call this 'drunk', well, I'm on extasy...
Who cares anyway!?

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