Selena Gomez - "Come and Get It" (MTV Movie Awards)

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Selena Gomez performs here at the MTV Movie Awards. Do you like her new single, "Come and Get It?"
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Honestly in my opinion its a really great song and she did pretty good. I absolutely loved the dancing it wuz amazing.


THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!! The song already had my attention, but, THIS performance----WOOOOAAAAAAHHH!! I...It just..WOOOOW!! I am really speechless...For real...For one of the first times in a Loooong while---I don't know what to say! And I am a freakin' Author! My vocabulary is excellent,but---I do not have the words to describe this performance to accurately do it the justice it so richly deserves...
Congratulations Selena---I finally leave from a Hollywood Gossip post,unable to convey adequately what I want to say...Well,maybe one thing: Selena Marie,You were right---You HAVE Grown as an Artist...Truly IMPRESSIVE,Gorgeous Girl...Do Not Stop Rockin'-It,SEL'!! 2 HOT! Later all; Hollywood---Out...


she's smart to do a "bollywood" take; one billion fans right there!!


How embarrassing, she can't get a high note. Well, what could I expect from Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend? It's sad that they call her a singer... She's not as good as some others who can actually sing... Horrible. In MY OPINION.


Very nice job Selena. Nice performance

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