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Is Selena Gomez bashing Nick Jonas and praising Justin Bieber in her new single, "Bang Bang Bang." Listen now and decide for yourself.

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This is my favorite song that selena has written I listen to it everyday and if you people were true selenators u would think the same love u selena :))


she have a good voice,but this music is not so good... she's better than this..


LOL. If Rebecca Black was singing this shit everyone would make fun of the song. The lyrics are ridiculous.


Selena is a beautiful singer,but she defently bashed Nick.


I dont think that she sings betta thatn Miley, bt she aint that bad in her other this song it seems as if she was chocking or her voice just seems as if it was fading!?! whats up with the britney voice???


she sings better than miley. prettier too


+ Second song Bashing Nick Jonas =PP


Uhmm...For one, she can't sing. I mean, I'm not just saying that because I don't like herr, -I don't really like Justin Either- But it's just not that great of a song, lyrics and all. (: I didn't really like Who Says either. Buttttt that's just me. D: So....

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