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Sebastien De La Cruz sings the national anthem prior to Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Watch the 11-year old do an amazing job now.

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I seen SUCCESS in this young mans FUTURE. I wonder which RECORD LABEL will get his signature. I would LOVE to see Jennifer Lopez step UP and do some AMAZING things with him.. Congratulations to a talented 11 yr old. WOW!! To listen to him sing the *National Anthem* sends CHILLS down anyones spine.


I didn't see anything wrong with it but the one thing! why is he wearing a Mexican heritage outfit singing the American national anthem? I am African American and I wouldn't wear an African outfit to sing the American National Anthem that should be some sign of disrespect! I to say if you love Mexico so much then why come to America? it's okay to be proud of your heritage but if you're claiming to be American then represent America. I love my ancestors country which is Africa but you wouldn't see me with an African outfit on every day and you surely wouldn't catch me with an African outfit on singing the American National Anthem. other than that the kid has a beautiful voice.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it is done! You go sweetheart!! Job well done!!!


I was just thinking how we stole this country through the holocaust of the indigenous people who were living here prior to us. Then we went to war against the Spanish to steal the Southwest lands. This talented child is an American citizen of Mexican heritage. There is no reason to be appalled by his being chosen to sing HIS national anthem. All of us are the descendants of immigrants to this country. The uneducated, low class rednecks who have marginal status in this country are marginal because of low intelligence and laziness. They could have taken advantage of the governmant grants to attend college or trade school to make a better life. They are not marginal because Mexicans or other immigrants work the jobs that they are too lazy to take. When I go past fields in the South, I see no whites doing stoop labor, yet unemployment rates are high. Stop blaming others for your failure in life. If there are no jobs, take it up with the government. Losers!


What is wrong with the boy did? He singnit right and did not tweak or distort the anthem. Why are there so many haters in this world of ours that is why PEACE won't reign in our world. Also, the boy was born and raise in America only with Mecican parents. And for all the haters think about your roots all of us are all immigrants in this country except for the native Indians. Also, Texas used to belong to Mexico....

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