Sebastien De La Cruz Interview

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Sebastien De La Cruz sounds far more mature than his 11 years in this interview, as he responds to racist idiots who took issue with him singing the national anthem.
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My heart sank when I heard all the sad commentaries against this young man. People can be so cruel and yet this young man speaks of his father a man who served his country and his pride of being American. America is a melting pot and Americans come in many colors and ethnicities. Many would like to forget this truth. We are reminded by this young man.


My question for all those " adults " who wrote these offensive comments to a child of 11 year old.
From where came your ancestors ?, Why do you think this land belongs only to you ? .
This child shows more respect than all of you, I' d be ashamed to have any of you as relatives !! .
Go forward Sebastian, you are a proud Mexican American boy, God bless you always!!

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