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San Diego's Scripps Ranch H.S. has a twerk team. We imagine it's unofficial ... but they've got skillz!

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#freeSRHStwerkteam who honestly cares there having fun and LEARNING techonology in a fun way...

@ Jane

Can you explain to me how shaking your ass so it looks like you're having sex with someone, is LEARNING technology????


There just kids having fun.

@ Nikki

There kids

@ Nikki



Waste of time and these girls cannot Twerk. Neither can I, but this doesn't even get close!


If they want to do it let them do it its there option you werent out there or it wasnt your kid so ya just leave them alone!!!!!!!


.. Not only is this the dumbest thing i have ever seen.. and a full 2 min of life i can never get back.. but someone please explain to me what the retard porch monkey is doing in each frame lmfao.. you would think "i look like a dumb fuck" would cross his mind at some point????

@ wowwww

Leave them alone ? I guess you would be a proud parent if your daughter participated in something like this. These girls have no respect for themselves so I can only imagine what goes on when they feel the need to drink and seek attention at parties. Being called, "bad bitches" in the credits shows what the boys think of them.


I don't know what's worse.... The girls thinking they are accomplishing something by shaking their asses in the air or the little Usher Poser who thinks he is badass by making faces with this girls!?! Ladies, unless you have dreams of being a stripper, do something better with your time!


Mom & Dad must be SO proud!


I notice the word Canada at the end. Are they Canadian kids?


I hope they were suspended for doing it on school grounds and not the video itself. If they want to do this, it is their right to do so. Can't imagine why, but I am not them.


Damn.. I wasn't going to fap again today.

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