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San Diego's Scripps Ranch H.S. has a twerk team. We imagine it's unofficial ... but they've got skillz!

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They weren't that great anyway


Had four of the mothers of these girls not gone on tv saying that these girls didn't know what they were doing, then change their story to it was just a school project and complain that they were not interviewed before being suspended I wouldn't care. If the mothers were so proud of their daughters behavior then why were they interviewed in a darkened room so their faces were not see. The movements are suggestive and vulgar, these girls performed for two idiots who acted as if they were some type of slick pimp looking fools. Have a nice career working for dollar bills wrapped around a pole at a juice bar unless you get pregnant first.


I fail to see how they got suspended for sexual harassment. Who was the target of the harassment? EXACTLY. NO ONE. Sure, they should get detention for dancing at school or inappropriate behavior but SEXUAL HARASSMENT that will follow their academic career forever? Total BS. The principle is letting the other parents and PC correctness force her into upholding a 2 day suspension and a note in their academic record that will follow them forever. The punishment is so overboard it's ridiculous. I bet other High School cheer leading teams have moves far worse then this.

@ Other Commenters are Trolls

Their behavior is indicative of the depths our society has fallen over the course of so many years. I cannot sit back and cast blame on these children when it is we the parents, uncles, aunts and yes even people living in other states of whom we don’t know or will ever meet that have taken this society down the path of self-gratification coupled with a lack of self-respect and total distain for social and societal consciousness; WE HAVE UTERLY FAILED THEM AND OUR COUNTRY. We currently practice the “me” factor of social steering meaning that what I want supersedes the better purpose of our country and community as a whole. One person or one group of people’s needs or wants has never since the history of mankind been greater than the overall greater good of a culture. These children were merely acting out our modern day culture and when viewed by the culture the children are disciplined by the very culture which is selfish and out of control. Go think!
How can we blame these children when it’s not one day some adult is not posing in some magazine or prancing around on television half naked or someone of position has been compromised by outward acts of self-gratification. How can we dare blame these children when it is the totality of the rest of us who are to blame? Shame on every one of the school administrators who suspended these children when they know full well the total lack of parental intervention these child have. Coupled with a society of sociological rebellion that helped author in the demining conduct displayed by the children, why should we expect any other type of behavior? There is not one of those children who have not seen the exact same behavior enacted nightly on our televisions and I don’t just mean on cable. There is not one child in America who has not passed by a strip club or a church, yes self-serving behavior has become paramount in both places today. If their actions disgust society, then it is society’s actions that disgust the right thinking members of our culture. If their behavior shows a lack of self-respect, then it is a mere reflection of what they have been viewing from us as a whole throughout the course of their lives. Just look at who we elevate to positions of influence in our society and the behavior they themselves display. How then can we with a straight face expect anything other from those who watch and idealize these people? If we want quality performance from our automobiles, we won’t neglect them by filling our gas tanks up with water or trash, what makes us think that our children, our future, or even our country is any different? Crap in, crap-out! Ijs.


hey the hottest twerking videos can be seen here not what i said earlier.


I think its kind of funny how the one black girl in the video can twerk so much better then everyone else. Anyways, this video sucks if you want to see real twerking check out the best twerking videos here.

@ Twerking Videos Lover

OMG i mean hottest twerking videos can be seen here. not what i said before.


That video is awesome go girls!! Twerkteam....... Shake that booty


This is horribly disgraceful! I think that all who participated in this video should be expelled indefinitely without question!

@ Josh

You're stupid. You sound like those parents during the rock-n-roll days.


What an awful video. They deserved to get suspended for that bullshit. And how is twerking erotic in any way?


They're just having fun?!?! These girls are objectifying themselves for some jackass with a camera. And he refers to them in his credits as 'bad bitches' which is hardly a respectable term. Anyway regardless of how one feels about the inappropriateness of their behavior, bottom line is that they knew the rules and they broke them. Period. Making excuses or defending them only teaches them that they don't have to follow the rules. Their immature and disrespectful responses saying that they'll continue 'twerping' and that missing prom doesn't bother them should provoke a tougher punishment. It's like a child telling their parent 'time out doesn't bother me and I'll still do whatever I want.' Teach these kids some damn respect - for the authorities and for themselves.


Good Lord's THEY' in THEY ARE (having fun)....NOT THERE. There is where they're having fun....get it??? SHEESH!

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