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This brutal school bus fight was caught on tape in Florida, with questions now arising over the lack of help offered by the driver. Watch a report now.

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As a bus driver we are not allowed to touch students but i would have got up out of my seat an got between the students that were beating on that student an if they hit me i would press charges that driver should have got out of the seatal


My question where are the black leaders on this. If it three white kids that beat up a black kid for the same reason both Reverend All and Jessie would be out there in a heart beat .why not go out there and say how bad it is to sell drugs and beat people down regardless of race.


there was a teacher who tried to stop 2 blck gals from fighting. black gals
had knives. stabbed the white teacher. teacher lost her job cause she acted out of job description?? WTF. the black parents should also be arrested. black teenagers should be in a detenion center.This black shit is old.


I think this is freaking hilarious that they're even talking about the bus driver, like if he had intervened he would've gotten in trouble for getting into the fight. Why isn't the real story about these 15 year olds who were selling weed and when the 6th grader told the office, this is what happened to him.


Try them as adults. Let 'em spend time with Bubba. Better not drop the soap... Thug life. Give me a break.


Wait we didn't get Travon Martins name on this and we'll just slap the black kids hands cause of all this because it was a white boy that's okay when they do something why don't we riot and throw things threw windows the black people do!

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