Sarah Silverman Meets Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ visits Sarah Silverman to discuss women's reproductive rights.

Many Christians are still unaware of the the very anti-Christian, proabortion video Michael Weatherly (DINOZZO from NCIS) did. There is a continuing and escalating war against Christianity in this country and we as Christians must unite and let our voices be heard. It is beyond offensive to Christians and very BLASPHEMOUS. I hope all Christians will boycott this actor and NCIS (which was also featured in the video). There is a FB page organizing the boycott and they are asking everyone to join their page so their numbers can be counted. Please share the boycott page as well since news media isn't covering this story, it is only being spread by word of mouth from Christian to Christian.


So much for NCIS _ How could anyone watch it now after that blasphemous caricature of Jesus except anti Christian liberals of course


The used NCIS because Jesus is played by Michael Weatherly who is Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. ;)

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