Sarah Jessica Parker Campaigns for Obama

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Sarah Jessica Parker wants Barack Obama to remain President of the United States. She makes that clear in this video.
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SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) is probably kicking herself now for changing her sex to a female in order to marry Matthew Broderick.


Wow actually he has a net loss of 2.5 million jobs. He said he believes that gays should be able to get married. But it still left to the states. And he didnt end the war in iraq. He just gave all the infadels time to regroup. Real smart. Time for a fact check. Get a job you left wing libreal losers.

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Sarah Jessica Parker no longer has sex in the city. At least on TV. They did make Sex and the City: The Movie in 2008. Now she has... More »
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We wanted to tell the story of who these women are now and what it is to be a woman in your 40s and still have great love.

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They’re always, always kind. And I think to see me on the streets of New York, in a place that they might imagine the character would be—it makes people feel good.

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