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Rush Limbaugh believes a woman who takes birth control often is a "slut." No, really. Listen to him rail about the issue in this video.

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Obviously you didn't watch Fluke's testimony which the majority of it was about cases she knew of at Georgetown where women were denied birth control coverage needed for medical reasons. The truth is we all have sex, some of us want children and some want to prevent it. Me I have no desire for children of my own, but I live in a state that mandated insurance companies to cover maternity and yes everyones premiums went up because we are all now paying for the women's costs of giving birth. I don't mind this however even though I will never use this coverage because it is good for those who need it. Do I like paying for you to have kids, not really but I deal with significantly increased premiums with some dignity, don't tell me you don't want to pay for my sex life because where I live I am paying for yours and believe me I am paying more for you than you are for me.


to pegvoltz, what illness does birth control cover? Endometriosis, Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, cycstic achne, androgenetic alopecia, Hormone imbalance, ovarian cysts, oligomenorrhea, Uterine Fibroids, multiple sclerosis (yes M.S), dysmenorrhoea, Amenorrhea. Just to name a few. birth control is an unfortunate name for this type of medication which is really a hormone treatment.


I hate using my phone for this so many spell errors....but to add to my does cover eyes and dental...not to mention some ppl are put on bc for medical reasons its not only to prevent pregnancy...lots of ppl i know had to be put on bc for diff reasons and none of them were to prevent pregnancy

Avatar isnt always just for fun its what 2u people do when they love eachother bc doesnt promote makes it possible to prevent a pregnancy. So u get real...u as a tax payer would rather pay for someone to be on welfare cause they cant afford a kid instead if insurance pay for at least half the cost of birth control. I understand arthritis is an illness maybe u should look into medicare for ur meds and maybe girls who cant afford bc can get in medicaid for it...either way if thet cant afford it u will see ur tax dollars at work either thru welfare or not saying that ppl wouldnt and dont have sex as a recreation time but some people try to be responsible and if they pay for insurance why noy throw bc in there...its a lot cheaper in the long run


Terin: Arthritis is an illness; what illness does birth control cover? When we get fat, we have to control our eating habits, when we get flabby we have to exercise to get our muscles back in shape. When we don't want to get pregnant, we have to use sex wisely, not depend on society to allow us to have sex at will and pay for the fun with our tax money. The tax bucks could be paying for decent dental work and decent vision care, things that are totally neglected in most insurance plans, before paying for recreational meds like viagara and the pills, birth control and abortion pill; get real, we all know what these products promote!


Pegvolz...Corinna wasn't saying pay for her kids or pay for her sex she said she is using birth control because she knows she wouldn't be able to afford another one...simple point...she said if someone wants to pay for her to have kids then go other words if employers don't want to cover birth control but the will pay tens of thousands of dollars to cover doctor appts for 9 mo and then labor and delivery...and u can get covered for arthritis medicine...which u say is expensive well so is birth conyrol.


Richard, I use the depo shot at $150 every 3 months. This includes $50 for someone to inject it, something I could do myself. $150 every 3 months is $600 a year. I'm not sure how many years she was referring to but if she meant her entire college career, $3000 would be on the low end of the estimate. Her assertion doesn't seem at all ridiculous to those of us who have had to pay the exorbitant prices for birth control. Paying for someone's birth control may seem crazy, but in the long run it's cheaper than not paying for it. If someone can't afford to pay for birth control, you'd better believe they can't afford to pay for a pregnancy or a child and that cost will definitely be handed down to the rest of us.


I can't believe this garbage website makes us watch their stupid ads and listen to 12 minutes of this clip only to end it abruptly with another stupid ad. Where is the section of the clip where Limbaugh makes the statements? This is another instance of senseless stupid advertising without delivering the requested content.


To Corinna: Just a short note; I'm curious! Why should I have to pay for your children? My parents had 5 back in the 50's, no welfare, even though my Dad was laid off every year! My husband and I raised 2 kids, we both had to work it was hard, but we didn't have to get food stamps or welfare. So I think your thinking is wrong, when you tell me 'PAY FOR MY SEX OR PAY FOR MY CHILDREN', or is it just me!??


I looked up Sandra Fluke and listened to her interview... if it is student paying for their own heath care package, if it is out of their pocket and they wish contraceptive products to be covered as it is every else with private insurance, then the college should provide it. They do not have the privilege or the right to force their personal religious dogma on the students.

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