Rush Limbaugh Beyonce Rant

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Rush Limbaugh's Beyonce rant about her "180" and message of subservience, supposedly, in a new song "Bow Down."
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Rush got it wrong. she is talking about other artists bowing down, not women bowing down to men. i hate the song personally, but she is an artist and has the right to express herself as she feels.

Corey putinmyselffirst flow

idc i like the song why ppl just cant stay in they own fucking lane if she wants to make a song that says bow down bitches dose no me shit so dont put her child or her hubbey in it soooooooooooo fucking what mind yall own bis yall dont know her i dont know her but she is fucking human she desevre it BEYONCE FAN FOREVER AND ALWAY QUEEN B

@ Corey Putinmyselffirst Flow

your such a queen..smh..she deserves what???don't understand you...I wish ppl would listen to the lyrics .. this dumb broad sang for the president.. now shes singing shit like that.. she knows she has stans like you who follow her every move. .she has a rep to uphold..naaw she aint my roll model, my mama is!!!..


this guy CLEARLY did not listen to the song


I don't like the song....but I'm not sure if rush actually listened to the song. I think he just saw the title and ran with it. She doesn't say anything about putting up with whatever a man does to a woman. I think this is more about her putting herself in an "idol"position for everyone to worship and "bow down" to whether you like her or not. That's why I hardly pay her any mind.

@ prettygirl757

Hello, you are absolutely right with your statement. My friend noticed that Beyonce wanted people to worship her based on that super bowl performance. I agree that B wants people to worship her. She has let fame go to her head. I hope no one buys her music ever again. I think people are starting to see this "fake" for who she really is (a narcissistic, hypocrite, copycat, who has an elementary education).

@ sha

true, true.. she's livin her life backwards.. SHE SANG FOR THE PRESIDENT!!... lol @ elementary education

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